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Punta de Mita is Mexico's "Malibu"

See Orange County Register Travel News story:
        Surf legend Gerry Lopez stood next to me on stand-up paddleboard, watching a bump in the ocean grow as it inched toward us. "Paddle, paddle, you got it," the "Pipeline master" said in a gentle, encouraging tone. I dug my paddle deep into the ocean's clear blue surface, trying to maintain my balance, and the wave picked the board up under my feet. Soon I was gliding down the line clutching my paddle with Lopez, one of the best tube riders and most respected surfers in the world, behind me.

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Review of surf breaks around Punta Mita peninsula.

The Cove
Location: Punta de Mita Point, southern most bay   Quality:  Guides say it’s the best break around. 
Access: Ponga from Punta de Mita, or 40 minute rocky walk.    Tide: High, gets shallow on low tide
Notes: Tourists competing for the ride of their trip. Go early.   More: Exposed and not protected from wind, gets junky.

El Anclote
Location: In front of condos   Type: Longboard, right    Quality: Good beginner break. Mellow pitch, slow, and long.
Tide: Most, inside gets shallow. Be sure to find best path out.    More: Usually 2-4 ft, right

La Lancha
Location: 1.5 miles south of El Anclote    Type: Longboard, most rights, few lefts   Quality: Good longboard wave
Access: Ponga or 40 minute beach walk from Punta de Mita    Tide: Best on incoming tide, then outgoing tide. Shallow on low tide   More: Goes when everything else is flat.   Watch out for Coral heads, especially near the take off.

Punta Burros
Location: 10 minutes south of El Anclote at Palladium Vallarta Resort    Type: Longboard, shortboard
Quality:  Great, favorite break in the area   Access: Stay at resort or park outside the resort gate on the left, near the taxis.
Find path along the fence line to the left.    Tide: High is best, but works on most anything.   Note: Can get busy on weekends with locals and resorters    More: Left is steeper and throws a bit. Right is longer with a mellower pitch.
Because Burros has easy access, ponga drivers push The Cove and La Lanca.  
San Pancho
Location: 30 minutes north of El Anclote in San Panhco, a.k.a. San Francisco
More: Fast short break that doesn’t always go.

Location: 20 minute north of El Anclote   Type: Longboard, shortboard. Mostly rights   Quality: Decent wave that goes without much swell.     Tide: works on most any tide   Notes: Crowded with locals and tourists    More: Has become crowded and very busy.